Describe idea

WhoIdea is described by the originator. This could be the Customer, Product Owner or Developer.
WhyThe idea should be written down using SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound) to enable conversations
WhatDescribe who has the need, what they want to achieve and how they will benefit from it. Make it brief. Preferably in a format that can be on a post-it. Place the idea on the Portfolio Kanban board.

Identify owner

WhoProduct Owner
WhyDevelopers and Product Owners must work closely with the customer to be able to deliver valuable solutions
WhatIdentify a customer who needs the outcome of the idea and is able to give feedback iteratively and incremental on development

Define if it is New / Change

WhoDevelopers and Product Owner
WhyKnowing if the idea is concerning a change to existing features makes it easier for the developers and product owner to determine if it is withing the current scope/vision for the product or not
WhatDevelopers define wheter the idea is a change to existing features or a new feature in itself