Epic is prioritized based on cost, business value, opportunities, etc. It will start as a rough idea and be prioritized on the Portfolio Kanban.

Identify user

WhoProduct Owner and Developers
WhyWorking on a new idea it is crucial to identify the receiver to collaborate towards a success
WhatDiscuss with the author of the idea on who would be the potential receiver and user of the outcome

Define benefit

WhoProduct Owner, Customer and Developers
WhyNew ideas should always be beneficial for the user, otherwise it should be cancelled
WhatCollaborate with the user to define the benefit of the idea. The benefit could be described in many ways: economical, increase in user base, etc. It may be a good idea to define the benefit using Business Value Game.


WhoProduct Owner, Customer and Developers
WhyIllustrate the idea to confirm benefit and feasibility
WhatBuild a cheap sketch, illustration or mockup with out investing in development. The purpose is to validate that the user can benefit from the outcome and to verify that the team is able to build it. Depending on the idea it will be a good idea use some of the following techniques: Pretotyping, Design Sprint, Shaping, Hackathon, Mob-programming, etc.

Brutal estimate

WhyThe brutal estimate is used for prioritizing the idea against other great ideas
WhatBased on the pretotype the idea can be relatively estimated using Story Points, T-Shirt Sizing, etc.

Portfolio Kanban

Who Product Owner and Customers are key persons. Scrum Master facilitates.
Why To visualize flow and discuss priorities, ranking and impediments

Update the Portfolio Kanban at the recurring Portfolio Scrum event.

The Portfolio Kanban is a board showing the state of the Product Backlog. It visualizes the flow of work items processed by the Developers. Product Owner and Customers collaborate on ranking and prioritising the Product Backlog. Impediments raised by the Developers can be discussed to determine if the investment in active work items is still relevant or if something else needs to be prioritised.


The portfolio kanban meeting should be as often as needed. Ideally once a week.

Typical agenda for the meeting:

  • What has happened since last time
  • What will happen until next time
  • Any new or updated impediments, issues or risks?